Fedora gets mono

Well, here is the news: mono in fc5. As osnews.com points out that’s a very drastic change for Fedora Core.

But, on the other hand, it had to come – this or another drastic change away from gnome. The background is that Fedora Core is a gnome centered distribution, and that gnome is moving to mono quite fast: check out the newest and best applications which were made for gnome – what do you see? Yes, the most of the are written in mono.
So Fedora Core had to move – they were not able to keep close to the gnome development with refusing mono.

From my point of view I would have liked more a move to kde instaed of moving to mono – but that was just a dream 😉
But now I can take these small advantages which are comming with this change: the search machine beagle is now hitting Fedora Core, and although its more build for gnome apps, it has some abilities to search through KDE-stuff, and so it is usable in KDE. And because of the fact that kat is still not what I expected it to become, I would like to use beagle so long 🙂

But there are still some disturbances about the whole mono-move and I hope that the Fedora Foundation has had some very good thoughts about this topic and will explain them very well – their basic rule is to not implement software which is probably affected by patent laws. And there are some problems around mono which are not certain yet – and a state like “MS never said something about this” is nothing we want to have in Fedora Core because that’s not certain enough!

So, explain, please 🙂


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