While having christmas I had to check the computers of my siblings (that happens every year), had to update, reconfigure and secure them. This year I additionally had to buy, set up and configure a laptop in only few days, and without using Linux (which is much fast to install and configure from my point of view).

After I struggled my way through the windows installation hell (you have to run one complete installation routine with clicks and commands and all stuff for each program!), I finally had to add a translation program whih works fast, reliable and free.
I used quickdic for such occasions but this has only german english, and something with french would be even better.
So I searched around – and found stardict. It’s quite nice on a windows computer, but it’s real power is within a Linux environment: then you will get the translation when you just mark a word, and it doesn’t matter in which program you are – and that’s something I ever dreamed of!

Stardict is available in Fedora Core standard repositories, so it was easy to install – only the dictionaries where a little bit odd, but they are provided as rpm files, so that’s not a problem – still easier as windows installation-set-up-struggles. 🙂

And, by the way, although I thought I now settled fine with my Fedora Core system, koolinus draw my attention to Fox Linux, which seems to be very nice. I will give it a try in the virtual machine, I think 😉


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