Wikipedia and Linux

It’s over – not for me, and not the wikipedia, and not my work at the wikipedia – but a large project I was involved at the german wikipedia.

The background is, that in the middle of august user dingo, who is blocked at the moment due to his own wish, put all articles around Linux to the review because they were not in the best state. All overall there were several different main topic articles dealing with the subject and one small overview article called:
“Linux” was just for getting an overview and to link the other topic main articles “Geschichte von Linux” (history of Linux), “Linux-Kernel”, “Linux-Distribution” and “Linux-Einsatzbereiche” (areas of Linux application).
Most of them had a nice base, but were very unstructured, uncomplete, with large thematical gaps and so on.

So I decided to join the review, and to put energy in it – and it was a lot of energy. The main problem was, that we were only two people, all over all – user Harald_Mühlböck and me were the only people who fought through the whole review of all articles all the time. He was the one who criticised, I was the one who tried to make the articles, acording to the critics, better. But there were some others who joined two at different states and at only a part of the articles: user Dingo, user Elian and user Regnaron did quite good jobs, it was very nice to work together with the.

But it took a long time, and not everything worked liked expected. When we finished the articles not every artcile good what I thought he would earn, but that’s live, I think. I was most disappointed about the fact that “Linux Einsatzbereiche” was only voted as “worth reading”, not as excellent. But, as I said, that’s live 🙂

And all after all: through the voting process I realized that this votings are not really balanced, and that there are too many people just voting without pointing out what is good or bad – that’s not how it should be, or at least, that’s not an environment where I can be very productive over a longer time: I need critics, feedback, which is constructive and helps me improving the stuff.

And no? Well, it’s finished, the reviews are over, the votings too, and I think these articles are now a good source of information. Here the links to show what has changed: “Linux” (changes), “Linux Einsatzbereiche” (changes), “Geschichte von Linux” (changes), “Linux Kernel” (changes) and “Linux-Distribution” (changes).

And I must say, that I am a little bit proud of it – it’s nice to see that you have done a lot of work 🙂

And, finally, here is the new state of the articles, the actual versions:

Looks nice, hm? 🙂
If you are interested in the review and voting processes (and if you can read german…), just check the discussion pages, there are the information about it. So: if you are searching for information about Linux these days, you know where to start 😉


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