Jingle everywhere – hopefully….

Today I read a exciting message: The Jabber Foundation published a new set of extensions to their officially accepted industry standard instant messaging protocoll which is widely used among open source people and by google talk. The extensions are a product of a cooperation by google and the jabber foundation: google had already implemented a audio extension for their jabber client, and published this extension now together with jabber as an official extension of the jabber protocoll.

The extension, called jingle, is devided into two parts:
The first part is the basic Signalling part: Their you will find the information how to communicate on a peer-to-peer base between two clients, even if they are both behind a firewall. This information is general, and allows you to construct every peer-to-peer service on top you can imagine.

The other part of the jingle specs is a special implementation on top of this basic signalling aprt: the Jingle Audio extension. This extension is a implementation of a VoIP system on top of Jingle basic. It is the same implementation which google talk uses which got doog grades in different testings (which I only serached with the google interface, so be careful with this information 😉 ).

After I read this message I couldn’ resist to immediatly fill in a kopete bug report about this topic: Bug #118438 is a wish which asks for jingle support in kopete. Ok, it is now redirected to an old “give-me-google-talk-support” wish, but mine has a nicer name 😉

And why am I so excited about this? Well, we are now in a situation where the open source fraction gets a high quality audio support for “their” instant messaging protocol. And we get the basics for developing other systems, to – like file transfer and video support.
So if everything works right and if their are enough people who continue developing we will soon have a full support of every imaginable peer-to-peer service on base of instant messaging: video, audio, file transfer, etc. And that will be fully integrated into the desktop environment (kontact, kopete, etc.; on the other side evolution, gaim, etc.).
So we fill another important gap between Windows and Linux/whatsoever. And this is very, very important. And, we will have something transparent, not closed source proprietary. I do not like the idea that I call my girlfriend without knowing who is listening…

And, to be honest, it’s just practical: I still have to shut down artsd every time I want to call with, for example, skype, so I really want to have a application fully integrated into my desktop environment.

The only thing I worry is that it could probably take quite a long time until I get full jingle-audio support in kopete because they will probably implement this first for KDE 4 – but then I will improve my skills to compile from source to get it this way 🙂


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