Something to laugh

We have a very famous news site called “” in germany which has a daily IT-news-ticker and, besides that, a forum where you can discuss all the stuff about it.

You can compare it a little bit to slashdot, but you wouldn’t find the heise stuff somewhere around slashdot: heise offers you everything. But everything includes also the heise forums, and that means a lot of garbage, trolls and bad posts. But if you know how to take it, it’s very funny to read 🙂

Now I discovered that there is a unofficial wiki about this forum which describes the people acting there, what you should now – and what is really worth reading. Among these things you would for example find the best troll posts ever made 🙂

Reading around there I discovered a page dedicated to a common troll phrase: “That wouldn’t have happened with linux!” (in German: “Mit Linux wäre das nicht passiert!”)
This sentence is stupid (although we all now that it’s true 😉 ), but someone prepared a whole homepage around it. And although this page is in German, even the English readers could probably find something interesting in it.

Try and have a look at it, a laugh is guaranteed: click on the link “Beweismaterial” (english: means of evidence) and check out the bluescreen-link given in the left navigation bar. To give a short explanation what you will see: bluescreens of windows terminals in the public. 😀
Fyi.: Bahn is Train, Flughafen is Airport, Fernsehen is TV and Videoleinwand is a video-wall.

And, if oyu continue with your journey through this page, you may even find a screenshot of a still existing page – check out MS-Linux! 🙂


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