Old habits die hard…

…especially if you want to work productive. Yes, I am back at Fedora Core – it was a nice journey to suse, but like the journey to mandrake at the beginning of this year, it was first full of hopes, but was then cleared out by facts.

In this case, the main fact is that Suse still does not know where they are – and I comprehend, why. It needs time to change your whole developing process, to integrate a community, to work out who can do what, who wants to do what, and so on. Like Fedora in their first days, Suse will need some months to find their way. But until then they have several fields wher they haven’t found their way, and these are the fields where I need a working system.
They haven’t decided yet which way they want to go with their software managing. Although they come with several tools, no one of them really works well: yast suffers from slow servers and mirrors, and smart and yum do not have full support in all repositories (try to install a base package using smart). I hoped that they would change everything to yum, but basic things of yum are not used. I talked to several people and they promised to change something soon. Nothing happened, so I think they are to busy to find what they want to do, and I don’t want to loose time waiting for them.
As I said: they need this time, and it’s ok – but my place is somewhere else 🙂

Other things are about video drivers (even fedora makes it better with livna at the moment in case of ati), some personal fitings I had with sax2 and the problems I had with konqueror working with wikipedia.

So I am back at Fedora – and everything works like a charm.
Ok, I am missing some features of suse, sure, like the fact that they have more packages, especially more kde packages (ktorrent, ksynaptics, several icon themes, etc.). But I will survive it, and on Fedora I know how to build packages – most times at least 🙂

So, the updates are over, kde-redhat presents me with a nice kde 3.5, the updated digikam is there, too (it’s awesome!), and it’s just working. So I will again focus more on Fedora Core here – but a big thanks goes to the suse people, they do a nice job with their distribution, and I wish them that they will work out everything to a really good and living community distribution.

So far from Fedora land 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old habits die hard…”

  1. No – the only real reason is that I was just to busy in the last days before christmas. And since then I was at home and had other things around.

    But now I am back again, try to catch up with my mails, the news and the wikipedia, and I am quite sure that there will be enough stuff to blog about 😀

    Happy new year!


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