KDE and standards, Linux and cooking

I had no real knowledge about desktop standards, and who was trying to implement them and who not – but there was a silly feeling that it was maybe a little bit kde’s fault that there were not so many desktop standards in real live…

Until I read aseigos blog about cooperation – that was really interesting. He met someone at the irc who asked if the new oxygen couldn’t join the tango project – and he had to answer that it had already joined it and that KDE was deeply involved.

That was surprising to me, too. But I am not able to say why, it’s just some kind of feeling, of rumor you have in your brain.

But it’s good that aseigo clarified this, and it’s good to have other examples in his blog.

Now another thing I read at “the internet”: I am often asked by other people if I can help them to install Linux, or tell them what Linux exactly is, and what’s all about, and why it isn’t running on every computer if it’s so fantastic.
Well, I know long, long answers to all these questions – my main answer is that Linux is just still on it’s way, and you can’t beat a monopolism up in one round.
If other’s ask more detailed if they should move to Linux I normally explain them the main problems with Linux, like no real way for a normal (!) user to install software.
But such discussions require a lot of time, a lot of explaining, and a lot of patience – and I don’t have all this every time…
But now I god a nice way to answer these questions: On this page you will find a passage called “So, Linux or Windows?”, and it is the best explanation I’ve ever read about the difference between Linux and Windows:

Linux isn’t only for freedom fighters. When not considering idealist issues, the main choice between using Windows or using Linux is much the same as the choice between getting a take-away meal or cooking your own meal. Take-away meals are convenient and can be quite tasty, but the number of meals that you can choose from is limited. Cooking your own meal can get you superior quality food, but it can also lead to disaster. Cooking tends to be cheaper, you can have it exactly the way you like it, impress your friends and have fun while doing it. If you aren’t a brilliant cook, there are plenty cooking books in the book store. If you’re a very bad cook, cooking your own meal can be an unpleasant experience.

People who like a bit of digital ‘cooking’ will surely have a very interesting and pleasant time using Linux. People who are not exactly a hero in the digital kitchen should stick to a ‘take-away’ system like Windows is. People who have some money to spend can try the world’s finest ‘haute cuisine’ at the Apple Mac store.

Some people are particularly hostile to take-away meals. Others hate cooking. So, it’s all a matter of taste, interest, style, character…. And idealism.

And it’s all without any technical information – it just passes the message!
Sure, it describes only the actual state, and I really hope that Linux will be the solution for everyone – from the beginners over power users (like me) up to the real hackers, but at the moment it’s only for the last two groups – and the people who really only uses their computer without changing hard- and software without asking someone else.
But until the state of wide acceptance is reached, I will just talk about cooking while discussing all matters about Linux 🙂


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