“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

While Novell is trying to get a clear path to the future somewhere in the middle of gnome and kde, while the community around opensuse wants to form itself and waits for the hesitating Novell, while the community starts to get angry because Novell has a quite closed idea of a open community and while I am wondering when Suse will find a way to really work together with the community in a productive way, I had a look on the other side of the fence, and saw some nice things: Fedora gots a new logo which is a little bit more independent to show that Fedora is a project for itself.

Nice to see that they’ve already found their way into the win-win situation of a working and active and productive community on the one side and a fully open source company which takes and gives to the product on the other side.

Besides that, livna is back to live and works quite well – and it has a mirror list now which should be normal for every yum based repository.

And, what I now have noticed: although everything around fedora is quite gtk-centered and they come up with a gtk screenshot at their homepage, the link to new screenshots is diveided into two links: one Gnome link and one KDE link – just nice 🙂

So, to close this little post: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

And for those who are interested what e aenglisch proverb means translated to german or the other way around, check: Wikipedia page to german translations of english proverbs. It’s very useful if you want to start a blog post with a proverb 😉


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