New Jabber address

After having a lot of problems with my old jabber “provider”, I finally switched to the jabber server provided by the ccc. This one is a lot better than the most german jabber servers I know because it has a blog about the technical status and is highly accessible with only short and seldom downtimes.

So, my new jabber address is

In the meantime I have installed the new ati-drivers for Suse – they work quite nice, and I would like to test if my TV-out is working now, that would be great 🙂
That reminds me that my laptop has a TV-in – but thanks to the proprietary drivers I was never able to use that :-/

Another interesting discovery: I realized in the last days, that my KDE-system is missing one of its for me very important basic features: the live spell checking! Normally you have spell checking in every kde program you run, what was one of the reasons why I always wrote perfect spelled kopete messages, e-mails, etc. Now I realized that they weren’t there, and checked a little bit around what the reason was. It turned out that all the aspell and ispell packages for german were missing, and that I had to install them belated. I think they weren’t installed because I used a special prepared one-CD-install for my first SUSE 10.0 installation, which had only the most important things (I was short on CDs but really wanted to install SUSE 🙂 ).

Now all my posts and e-mails will be spelled correct – at least the german ones 😉


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