More about yum and Suse

I had a irc chat with some people from suse and packman. Packman now wants to provide an own mirror list, they will probably set it up the next days.

That’s just a small step, but it’s a nice one – so I don’t have to provide mine any more 🙂

Someone from Suse told me that he putted all the mirror-list stuff onto his todo list – ok, he is not the first one according to the bug report, but it’s good to speak directly to the responsible people to know that they care.
But there is a problem with the supplementary things: they are on a older System, SLES 8, and they first have to upgrade it, and will then create the needed repo-data. But as long as their is something moving, everything is ok.

And soon, yum will rule the world 😉
Well, at least everyone wouldn’t have to care about mirrors any more because yum chosses them just on the fly – like it should be with every tool out there 🙂


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