Impressive: Enlightenment

Today I saw a blog about klik and it reminded me that someone wrote once about a Enlightenment-klik package.

So I searched a little bit, and really, there are accessible – for those who are using a klik-enabled distribution, and have some 20 Megabytes space on their hard disk, can just click klik://enlightenment. Then the klik client will download the package and place it on your desktop, similar to MacOS container files – after that, just start it, and believe me, you will be impressed!

Although the graphical design was not that what I would prefer, the technical possibilities were impressive! Everything works like a charm, and the processor was quite unimpressed and wasn’t very bothered although everything is very colour- and effectfull.

Because of the fact that the most effects are seen best when you move around and work a little bit with this enivroment, I will not provide screenshots, but some videos. But, to be honest, these are not my videos, they have been made by the german IT online magazine which has sometimes very nice reports about actual Linux development.
So this article which I has mentioned here already some months before describes the actual development of modern X technics around april of 2005, and next to some other nice movies you will find these two nice movies – have fun.

I must say that enlightenment shows very good that free software can do a lot and that it can be very innovative – I think the only think which is possible to show something like that is MacOS at the moment.
Anyway, another thing which is shown by these videos is that KDE has to do something – come on, it can’t be that there is another desktop which has more eye candy than KDE! 😉
I hope that KDE 4 will go very straight forward into this direction – I relly hope it, because I have a good graphic card in my laptop and want to use it at least for something 🙂


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