Why I like KDE

Well, it is in the nature of the Community that everyone discusses now if gnome or KDE is better, or if we all maybe should return to the shell. And I remeber that everytime I meet some one from the gnome side I am asked why the hell I like KDE – well, I will try to show it with some small, but very, very nice and handy examples. And, on the other hand, maybe there are one or two people using KDE outside which weren’t aware of the nice things I want to share, and can take advantages out of these small tips 🙂

But, first: keep in mind that I already wrote an article about ad blocking – if you have problems with ads, just look at this article.

So, let’s begin:

The background is that I sometimes use the wikipedia to search for information. If you want to do so with konqueror, you don’t have to input something like wikipedia.org/wiki/Whatsoever – in Konqueror it is enough to input wp:Whatsoever.
Then Konqueror will do the rest for you.

Ok, everyone knows that, I know. But I search sometimes for things which do not have articles, but which are present as a word somewhere inside an article. Or I search for an article of a city which name I only know in the native language but not in the language of my preferred wikipedie (german in this case). Then I want to use the google search to go through wikipedia, and in the best case I want to use the google search to scan the whole Wikipedia. What to do now?

With Konqueror you daon’t have problems at all: just define a new shortcut, and use it: open Konqueror, go through the options until you reach the web shortcuts, and define a new one. In this example: give a name like “Google-Wikipedia-Search”, enter the line http://www.google.com/custom?hl=de&domains=wikipedia.org&q=\{@}&sitesearch=wikipedia.org, and define the new shortcut – in my case it was ‘wpen’. If you want to define a localized wikipedia and google search, you can take this line: http://www.google.de/custom?hl=de&domains=de.wikipedia.org&q=\{@}&sitesearch=de.wikipedia.org Just replace the ‘de’ after ‘google’ and before the two ‘wikipedia’ with the preferred top level domain.

And here we are: instead of opening the wikipedia and put in the article word, I just input the shortcut and the article name, and jump to the article. And instead of opening the google search, I just use the shortcut and jump to it immediatly.

That’s one of the many, many reasons why I love KDE – it’s unbelievable fast, and has a lot of very useful features – and think about it: I haven’t talked about the kio plugins right now (that’s the unbeatable feature of KDE which makes it perfect when you need to edit and manage with files on other computers using ssh or something like that). 🙂


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