kde based distro, anyone?

Well, the news are going around, and although at the moment it is full of fud and angry feelings, it seems taht Suse Linux will drop its KDE support for their enterprise products. And yes, it’s nice to talk about that they will continue KDE support within opensuse, but that’s just garbage – you do not need KDE developers when you do not need them for your enterprise.

So Suse will drop KDE – and I have to search for a new distro :-/
The last days seemed to be almost perfect with Suse for me: it looked like that Suse will become a KDE/rpm/yum distro with KDE-Beta packages and employeed KDE-developers – which is everything I ever wanted. But now Suse drops KDE, and it will become the same as Fedora but with a worse yum support, and it could be the same for me as switching back to Fedora Core because they have the better community-involvement at the moment at its more clear what they want to do in the future – and they provide every software they own under free licenses, and I like this πŸ™‚

So for me I will wait until everything about Suse becomes more clear – until then I will have a closer look at fedora again because you can hope that they will not do the same mistakes with Fedora Core 5 which they’ve done with Fedora Core 4 (That reminds me that I still not know where Fedora Core wants to go when they do not want to include C#, but want to stick on gnome…).
And if you, against all knowledge, will discover a distribution which fits my needs and provides for example KDE beta packages and the stuff, then just drop me a note.

But because of fact that I do not believe that their is a distro outside which really fits my needs, I should start asking questions: Am I the only one who sees a real lack of a KDE-based distro? Am I the only one who sees a lack of some kind of “real european distro”? And am I the only one who wants to change it?
The only thing which is missing at the moment is a company which should be behind a new distribution in my opinion – so if you have a company which wants to build such a distribution, just drop a note πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “kde based distro, anyone?”

  1. Hi there,

    [1] like Pascal and many others on Planet SuSE have said the SUSE Linux will still have the KDE package, the paid one I mean. Based on some pools seems that over 80% of SuSErs use KDE, so for at least some months i’ll stick with them.

    [2] Shuttleworth (the Ubuntu founder) recently talked about his personal Kubuntu machine, need to say more ?

    [3] we have (for the moment) Mandriva, it’s european, it has KDE, it has Smart (see EasyURPMI site to configure it) … it’s a viable alternative ?

    Hope to be helpful

  2. Hi kOoLiNuS, thx for your comment.

    And I must say that it would be the best for me to just wait – their are too much KDE users outside in the Suse community that I have to worry now.
    But from point of view it is just said because KDE was the main reason (besides yast, although I use it much less than expected) why I switched away from Fedora.

    And to the alternatives: well, I personally do not like debian out of several reasons and Kubuntu changes a lot of their packages so that Kubuntu is not the best option for me, and Mandriva: well, I tested it around January and February, and didn’t liked it so much (gtk-configuration system, very conservative about their kde version, etc.).

    So I will stay with Suse now, but it is just said.

    And the main question, if I stay with Suse, depends more from the question how they got the community involved and if they are able to build a really good and problemfree working package-community around the core System.
    If this works than there will be quite good KDE packages (because the most community members will use Suse as you said), and I will stay there.

    If it works out very bad than I will maybe switch back to Fedora because I really like the most things, and because the kde-redhat package repository is very cool.
    And in all cases I will have to build kde-alpha packages for my own because no distribution will deliver snapshot packages for the first tries of kde 4 πŸ™‚

    By the way, it would be nice to hear what you are thinking! If you switch away from Suse, please drop a note at your blog (I check it regularly).

    Best regards,


  3. drop an eye on mepis http://www.mepis.org – it’s debian based (basically it is debian but with few more features made by developers of mepis), live cd… just try it. i worked with it a lot before ubuntu and now kubuntu. main advantages: hey, it’s debian! :)… disadvantages: based on “testing” debian so the packages are rather old. and sometimes there are problems with migration to “unstable” (or how is it called now). basically: a good, solid, not very eye candy but stable distribution with kde as main desktop

  4. Thanks for your comment, but I already now mepis – and as you said, it’s debian based. It could be a nice option for you, but I have a lot of strong reasons against debian-based distributions, so it can’t be an option for me.

    Anyway, thx for the answer πŸ™‚


  5. i don’t want to start a flamewar but come on liquidat, i’m a living example of good working debian based distribution :). i’m running kubuntu, 24h/d for some months now and it works just great. what are the the reasons you don’t like debian based distributions? i’m curious. maybe there is something (there is for sure!) i don’t know about debian and you can share you knowledge with me? i’ll be very thankfull. there is always a time to learn something new

    regards and sorry for my neglish. it sucks, i know. i’m working on that thought πŸ™‚

  6. There is no need for a flamewar: I had my first Linux experiences with Debian, compiled there my first own kernel, etc.

    But there are some technical reasons:
    I don’t like several things in the inner architecture, some of them are debian-like, and not general linux-like: Things like starting the X-Server in init 3 is so completly unusual to me that I would like to avoid it.

    Another reason is that apt which is, from my point of view, a little bit old fashioned and out-of-date – some years ago it was bleeding edge, today there are several successors out there.

    That’s another thing about debian which would not fit to my needs: Debian needs a longer time to add new real features – for example something like apt2 (I’m quite sure that there is something around – no, I don’t mean aptitude), or new KDE, etc. (Ok, the kde packages are there for kubuntu πŸ™‚ ).

    And the last reason: I invested a lot of time into stuff like building rpms, writing yum configurations, …
    You don’t want to throw everything away: I would have to start from zero to build own packages and the stuff.

    So, to clarify: Debian is a great distro, it works well (like several otehrs), I am used to it in a way, and now that there are some strong reasons for it – but from my personal point of view it would be to unusual, and in this case I would prefer Fedora for example.



  7. thanks for your opinion! i agree with you, that some parts of this distribution are really outdated (text mode instalation novadays? come on debian developers! almost all big distros have clear and user friendly instalation applications), other just need urgent update, like apt – is great but sometimes drives you crazy with all those dependencies – it’s not clear and very user friendly in this kind of situations.

    i tried many distros, including fedora, mandrake/mandriva and other said to be friendly for a linux begginer. but i stayed with debian and debian based distros. i don’t want to think, that i stucked :)… why debian? cause it’s simple enough for me and cause (and this IS big advantage) i have a lot of friends-admins who solve my every debian problem (not many of them really).

    tahnks again fro your opinion and warm hallo from cold poland πŸ™‚

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