yum on SUSE – packman has still a lot to learn

For these people outside who are using yum on a SUSE LINUX 10 machine it is a nice extra that the packman people provide their repository with yum repodata.

But their is still a lot ot learn and a lot to do for the packman people until they get their repository to a working state.

The main problem for me is that they do not answer to e-mails. Sure, I know that such people are quite busy, and have other things to do than to worry about what a small fraction of the SUSE LINUX users is thinking and asking.
But I think that I can provide a little bit help, and I offered it every time when I pointed on a failure in their systeme.

I never got a answer back, and that is a little bit dissappointing. Together with the fact that they do not point out the yum repodata anywhere I think it is still in a testing stage – or that they will drop it somewhen.

It does not work properly at the moment, so it wouldn’t be a large damage – but it would be sad. Their are some nice chances the community would have with showing the main SUSE people what is possible (mirror-lists, automatic key updates, etc.).
Btw., the actual problem I see is that they use a key for signing some packages which is not the one which you can find at ftp://packman.links2linux.de/pub/packman/public-keys.asc.

But their is still hope, and theirfore I just hope that they will find the time to go through their mails, to check what is possible, to check if the want to try it and that their example of a cool yum using would shine as a bright star to the rest of the SUSE community so that everyone follows them 😉


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