Ad-free browsing with konqueror or “How to block flash only sometimes”

Normally I do not really care about advertisements on homepages because I seldom stay long on homepages which are offering so many ads.

But there is one special exception: ther german news site is a real good IT news source (for example more up2date than slashdot is) and I like to spend time there reading the articles.

But there is a problem: the blinking flash advertisements (you have to click on an article to see them). Personally I do not want to be enlighted about the “facts” of any microsoft study about whatever they sell, and don’t like it to read a news article about for example the LSB accepted as an ISO standard when there a blinking and annoying flash videos from IBM going on in the middle of the text. It distrubes me.

Here the solution: You can turn of all plugins at once for specific domains. And flash is, besides the realplayer, a plugin from konquerors point of view. So click on Settings -> Configure Konqueror, and choose “plugins” in the left scroll area. There is a button called “domain-specific settings” which brings you to a unimpressive field where you can put in domains – so go ahead, type in and visit the page again. And you see: no flash animations anymore! You have to be a little bit careful about the domain, it doesn’t take wildcards for me, so you really have to put in and not or *

Ok, the easy-to-annoy people will now complain about the fact that there are still the gifs: you are right, but Konqueror from KDE 3.5 (I use the beta) comes with a normal ad-blocker, so that isn’t a problem, too: you just click at the graphic with the right button, and click on “Block Image” – that’s all.

But, as usual when you start talking about advertisments on high quality pages: think about what you are doing when you block these advertisments – the sites earn money with it, a lot of money to support themselfes to make the site so high quality. I for myself only block these stupid gifs and flash animations, and in case of, I buy on of their (real good) magazines.

But: the advertisment people also have to learn that there is a border they shouldn’t cross when it comes to advertisements: Take it in the google way, smooth in the background, and there wouldn’t be a reason for blocking. Take it with animations which are starting to annoy your readers, and the people will start blocking.

And for me: no more IT news bundled with “Get the facts” advertisements – that’s the way I like 😉


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