updated yum and 14 packman mirrors

Having so many problems with the smart channels results in the fact that you can’t access base files any more with smart because the apt base directory is empty.

So I am back to yum and yast at the moment and changed the configuration files a little bit (these on the internet, too!): there is no need any more for local mirror files, I changed everything to point at the mirror files on my server directory.

I will update them from time to time to add new servers. There is no a new server from switzerland, for example.
I added it to the smart mirror list, too – I will try to keep them synchronized.

So, if you know other public accessable mirror servers, drop me a message, I will add them!

And, to drop a second word about the packman mirrors: I’ve counted them, there are 14 packman mirrors now (although some of them are doubled because of ftp and http)!
But I add more if you have more for me 😉