smart and some problems…

Just to let you know: smart has some problems at the moment which result in the problem that smart stops updating the cache at 99% and does not continue to do anything.

It has something to do with the yum metadata repository, and is already reported to the software designer. We will see if he can fix it.

Besides that the most people at suse are a little bit moving with yum repositories and metadata. The bug report get a answer, and they will change some things around this topic, soon. But I think they have other things to worry about at the moment…

And even packman has now cleaned their broken repodata, so you are able to reach packman without any problems with yum. And the official mirrors of packman has overtaken these data now so I will update my yum configuration files soon. It will have some more then 10 mirrors then, which is very fine compared to the earlier 3!

If smart works again with yum repodata, I will update these configuration files, too. Until then: have a nice night 🙂