Old treasures

The last days I thought about generating fractals – we had them in the dynamics and chaos class at university, and I like the dynamic systems.

I thought that there is a kde or gnome tool around with a standard distribution that can generate them – but I hven’t found any.

So I surfed around, and found a nice gimp plugin which can generate something similar:



Quite nice, but not really that, we I searched.

And then I found something which I can only call a old treasure: quat. It looks to me that this small program is quite “old”, something around 3 years now, and its fltk based – but it works nice.

The main thing is that it generates not the normal fractales, but 3d fractales using quaternions, and that with quite nice results:




Sure, there are several tools around for windows which are able to do this, and quat does not give you the possibility to input your own formulas, but it still works quite well!
It would be very cool if there would be a new version with gtk or kde support 🙂


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