smart on suse 10.0 – german translation available

After the english original and the italian translation by kOoLiNuS we now have a german translation of the short tutorial how to set up smart on SUSE LINUX 10.0 with a bunch of channels and, almost more important, with a bunch of mirrors: check the article in the german suse wiki.

Another thing to add: I’ve checked my logs today, and the’ve told me that still a lot of people are comming to my blog when they search for information about the “media transfer protocol” and linux – I hope that we will see some support their in the future, although it could be quite difficult because of Microsoft’s license terms :-/

And their are still quite a lot of people who access my blog searching for yum and suse and which are reading my short yum tutorial – for these people: please drop a comment at the novell bugzilla and point out why yum is so important! I still have a little hope that they will change yast to use yum as a backend and not their own system. Or, even better, that they will help developing yum and will then use it as an backend. 🙂


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