smart and suse – in italian :-)

Thanks to KOoLiNuS there is a italian translation of my smart tutorial around, just check the link to his blog.

If you are able to tranlate in any other language, you are very welcome: the tutorials are GFDL’ed, so translate as fast as you can. I will write a german translation as soon as I find time for it.

Besides that, I tried several updates yesterday with smart – it worked quite well although it get stucked two or three times. I had to kill and restart it.
If you experience the same problem: smart will not find and interesting upgrades although it hasn’t installed all packages – to fix the problem just update all channels again.

If on one of the mirrors one of the new channels is missing (for example, kde-satble or gnome), just update this special channel until it works.

A last personal thing: Since August I helped working on several Linux related articles in the german wikipedia, and now the most reviews are over, and some of the articles already got the mark “excellent” or “worth reading”. It’s always nice to see that communities work quite well 😉


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