smart and its apt repositories

After I realized that some of the apt repositories are broken (for example, try to get a package from the base repository) I reconfigured smart a little bit to use the yum repositories instead of apt where it is possible.

So now I have activated yum repos for base, java and extras. It’s a pity that the yum repositories for packman are still broken, and that no one responds to any mail I’ve send them :-/

Besides these changes I added several other repositories I found at – I have the feeling that they are quite new, some other mirrors haven’t them. The new ones are mainly some projects from suse-supplementary: openoffice, samba, gnome, kde-stable and mozilla.

I will update the channel list and the mirror list I’ve linked here. I think it is much better now because you can add some base files, too – that was impossible for me in the last days because the apt repository was broken.
So another reason why everyone should move to yum repositories – and that suse itself should start spreading mirrors.list files on their servers 🙂


2 thoughts on “smart and its apt repositories”

  1. As previously mentioned, the channels and mirrors I use are defined in these text files – you can easily integrate them with smart:

    If your smart always tries to check another mirror which is not sychronized at the moment you have to delete your mirror cache with smart mirror –clear-history.



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