yum vs apt vs urpmi vs hell vs heaven

After osnews.com listed my short tutorial about yum on suse there began the typical flamewar around this topic: why not urpmi, why not stay on yast, and sure, apt is the best thing ever made.

But for me it looks like that several people missed the main reason why I choose yum at the moment, besides the technical charm it had to try this solution: yum can handle mirrors.

So, if you start to argue which solution is better, please stay on the ground of arguments, and try to check the authors point of view:

I had problems reaching several servers, and I wanted to have a solution which is able to manage mirros by itself, without synchronizing from the beginning if it had to switch to another mirror. As far as I know neither apt nor urpmi nor yast is capable of using mirror lists on the fly, even if it brakes down in the middle of the way.

The only other solution I know which is able to handle mirrors in this way is the smart package manager. It is very nice (ok, their is still a kde gui missing), but still has a long way to go until it is able to import the system configuration by its own, and until it is able for example to read yum mirror lists by itself. And smart should be able to read variables like $basearch and $releasever – this would be much nicer.

So correct me if I am wrong, but from this point of view apt and urpmi and yast are no solution for me – only smart, but I liked the technical charm of trying to set up yum on suse 🙂


2 thoughts on “yum vs apt vs urpmi vs hell vs heaven”

  1. Isaac, I never stated that apt cannot mix distros (where is the higher art in that anyway?). But even in the linked forum post I get no hint at all of auto-mirroring as used by yum – and almost any other software management tool I know of today.

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