SUSE and yum

Well, I come from Fedora Core – and so I am very used to yum. I took part at writing articles about it in the german fedora wiki, and recognized with interest that yum is optional part of SUSE LINUX 10.0.

So I sat down today and tried to configure yum for my system. It was a little bit disappointing that there were no repositories pre-configured, and that no server I know provides a mirror list. Especially the last point is a little bit sad if you think about the speed problems everyone has at the moment with SUSE LINUX 10.0

But I wrote some repo files for my self, stored some hand-done mirror lists in local files, and run it the first time – and it worked pretty well!
You can have a look at the files at the german susewiki – just follow the links to the *mirror and to the *.repo files and copy them to your /etc/yum.repos.d.

I was able to set up the original sources, the java sources, the GM sources and packman – but the update directories and the supplementary directories do not provide any repodata, so yum can’t handle them :-/

But there was something what really confused me: when I finished the configuration I run yum update the first time – and it updated several hundred packages!
And this, although the susewatcher works in the background. I do not know why my system was not up2date, but that should not happen!

I hope that SUSE LINUX will provide yum-based directories for all important repositories (update and supplementary) – or in the best case that they will change the backend of yast to use yum and it’s abilities to use mirrors 🙂


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