A long night …

This night I changed my computer from Fedora away to SUSE. It was quite easy, and at the moment the most things are running well.

Ok, there were some things I had to do by myself, for example installing flash and copying the libs were they had to go, but that will change when openSUSE will develop itself more and more.

The only thing which is still missing is the ati driver. But I will do this later, now I am happy that even skype seems to run with arts wrapper!

And, sure, one of the first things I did was installing KDE 3.5 Beta 1. Sure, these packages are unsupported, and it is a kind of risky, but it works very well (although I do not have any superkaramba binary yet, and although I do not see any effect when I choose the elegant style for kicker).

But now I have a working and stable system, and that is what I need, especially now because there is someone visiting me for several days, and I will not find very much time for the computer 🙂