msn lists its own enemy – me :-)

I do not like Microsoft, and after going through the history of the development of the company, readings some papers about their strategies, following the development of their competitors, reading specs about proprietary enhancements, after having a discussion with Microsofts Open Source Lab Leader and so on and so on I know now that Microsoft tries to eliminate competitors not with competition and open market but with using its monopolism. Sure, they use it in a very intelligent way, but they use a tool which shouldn’t be usable in a healthy and good working economy.

So I blogged a little bit about this topic and I do not hesitate to say and write about this topic…

After installing my new blog counter now it gave me the information that you can find this blog through two search machines now: google and … I am the first result if you search there for mtp media player!
That’s what was really surprising to me because I ctriticize Microsoft there very strict. Actually I call them big criminals.
And normally Microsoft filters – you wouldn’t get a wikipedia-result unless you really search for wikipedia.

And I am infront of all the * sites! That’s very funny 🙂
Well, I think it some kind of mistake in the database or maybe a mistake in the algorithm, and so I think I would vanish there pretty soon – but I got my screenshot, and I think the next time when I am really disappointed by Microsoft or upset with the world because their are to few people outside recognizing what’s going on in some parts of the world and of the economy, I would open it again just to be happy that they (not only Microsoft, there are enough bad boys somewhere out there) are not perfect, and that you can beat them – you just have to continue with your fights 🙂


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