The perfect backup server (and some news about the blog itself)

I had some thoughts about a perfect backup server (at least, perfect for my needs):

Imagine, that you could access, whenever you want to, a webpage to check all data you have ever stored on your computer at all times when a backup had been made. Some small buttons on the webpage could do some things like “recover kopete settings”, “recover bookmarks”, “recover everything” and all the things you normally need.
The buttons would interact with a small backup client running on your computer to perform the backups and to recover some things if you need them.

For security reasons you would need your password to decrypt (and access) the data, for corporate reasons you would be able to connect the backup server to a LDAP-server and implement some functions like “recover all clients to date xyz”.

The client itself would be able to detect a internet connection and the speed of it to check if it makes sense to perform a backup, it would backup the data itself, secure that there is only an encrypted connection, etc.

If oyu would use delta-binaries you wouldn’t have the need for very fast internet connections on normal working computers, and if the server only stores the newest version and the differences to the older versions the server would not have to calculate to much to deliver the backuped data (normally you want to access the youngest or one of the yungest versions).

Is it possible to build such a system? I think so: for the backup itself you could use some software like rsync or dar, a webinterface shouldn’t be a problem, the encrpyted partition is easily set up with cryptfs, LDAP and other authentification systems are available.
Is there some system in the wild? I do not know, but I can’t imagine that I am the only one who ever thought about this… So if someone knows, it would be nice if he or she would drop a note or a link.

And the news about the blog itself: I changed the template, therefore lost all my links, created some new (now some links to some other blogs) and changed the counter (after more than 9.100 clicks in his month, thx to the dot). Enjoy it 🙂


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