amarok and kimdaba

Its late, so just some short notes about two KDE applications.

The first one is amarok – it is a fantastic audio player, the best one I ever used. For a beginner it would maybe be a little bit confusing, but after some seconds even a beginner would realice how easy it is to use (drag and drop of the music), how many nice features there are (lyrics and infos about the artists) and how powerful it is (streams, podcasts, …).

But even experienced people can discover new features every time – I discovered something small but nice around the playlist: my playlist is filled with several hundred songs, but sometimes I want to listen to a special artist only. You could throw all other artists out of the playlist – or you just put the artists name into the search field – amarok will only play all songs which are listed in the field, so which matches the search termes. Very nice for me 🙂

The other program I want to write down some notes about is kimdaba. There is a set of flash videos explaining the features of kimdaba, and you should give it a try. The main advantage of kimdaba is that you can use it to sort a huge amount of fotos, and search through them in seconds. The videos are giving a good idea of it.
I think when I have enough time to do it, I will add all my photos to this system and sort them all in this nice database – but the problem is that you really need a lot of time for sorting it… But that’s the time you will save when you search through it, so I should start early before spending to much time while searching 😉

A last short note at the end – today I was told in beagle-irc that beagle already has kopete and kmail support. If that’s true it could be very nice when I get the first inotfied kernel on this machine 😀


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