Klik for rpm-distributions?

After reading this article it seems that the klik system tries do jump over to the rpm distributions. Klik is a nice try to make software easy installable for Linux systems.

But until now it was only an option for debian users. And I am not sure about certain opints like the possibility to autoupdate klik-installed software – if that is not possible than we would loose a large advantage of the package management systems of linux where every softwarepackage is up2date everytime.

So now SUSE starts to integrate Klik in its own distribution, and I think Mandrake will follow very soon. After that its only a question of time until Fedora integrates this software, too – this could be an answer to the question how you could ease the software installing under linux, but I am not sure if I really like this way. There are to many questions open, and too much urgent needed features missing.

But it is a nice start, maybe it will evolve in the right direction… 🙂