The EU-Parliament and Software Patents

I posted this already in german but I have to train my english, and maybe there are really some people outside who are interested in this information – and it is easy to post it in different languages, because the information itself exists in several languages (if you see mistakes, feel free to contact me, I can only learn πŸ˜‰ ).

What I am writing about: the EU Parliament has relaunched its site with a new, fresh design. That’s not so important, but if you have a more detailed look at the bottom of the front page you will see a link called “End of the battle for software patents”. This article is a very clarifying and informative and shows the development, the backgrounds and the possible future of the whole process around software patents in Europe. And it does not forget to show why the process has been stopped and where the problems are without beeing boring or dry.

While reading this article I recognized again that the main problem is the EU Council – it has to much power, and the Parliament ahs to less. The Parliament is the institution directly elected by the people – they should have the possibility to make laws! But they do not have at the moment, only the Council can start a law making process. I dare to say that the whole problem about software patents would not exist if the Parliament would be able to make laws.

I think one of the reasons why the people didn’t like the EU constitution is that they do not feel properly representated – and as long as the Council has more power as the Parliament this would not change. So: power to the people πŸ™‚

Think about if you are living in the EU and vote for your government next time πŸ˜‰

One thought on “The EU-Parliament and Software Patents”

  1. In my personal opinion, there will be a day when USA will change their patent law in our (European) way. In that day, all of the people who wants change our law to look as American should stand up in TV and said to all of us: I am stupid, blame me and only me. I thing they just don’t know what are they talking about and how their decisions transfer to our life. What those people could know about us, coding, software? Why they just don’t give us a peace?

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