After searching a long time, I finally got the needed information for the article in the german Wikipedia:

It’s spelled SUSE LINUX, not SuSE LINUX.

I found this information through the FAQ of the opensuse project page: they link to goodbyedots, which gives a nice and short histroy over the development of the Spelling of the name and over the changings of the logo, the SUSE chameleon.

And so now its clear, it has to be SUSE LINUX, or, to be really correct:


I now that this information is not really important, but sometimes you end up in stupid fightings about nothing in the Wikipedia, so I wanted to clear this case forever – and maybe there are some people outside who are confused about the writing with dots and without the dots and with a small u and a large U and a chameleon looking to the right and a chameleon looking to the left and and and 🙂

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