…and praise iAudio

… at least, if you buy an U2 audio player 🙂

I was able to give the iriver T30 back, and I’ve bought an iAudio U2: Ogg Vorbis, 1 GB flash storage, UMS, FM Radio, all the things you need.

And it handles non music-files, too – so I am finally satisfied with my new mobile audio system. And, ok, the colour is not the nice red, but I think I will survive it.

So for all people out there: there are some alternatives to Iriver, and these are good ones. And if you want to buy an Iriver product, its nice to send them an email together with what you want and what not – it is only a drop in the ocean, but if you have enough drops you can fill the ocean.

And now I got outside, have to test the my new technical toy 🙂

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