– community packages?

I am not sure how suse wants to involve more developers to package more packages for them. I searched around awhile, but was not able to find something about it.

There are several projects listed on the wiki-page, but I can’t see if you can submit packages as a developer directly to the base repository, or if there will be something like a “extras” repository as we are used to from fedora, or how it will work.

Suse is very interesting for me, so I am thinking about switching to it (yes, I know, it would be the third switch in one year: fedora->Mandrake->Fedora->Suse) because Suse is really easy to use and you don’t have to bother with other things. And the kde support of fedora still sucks…

But I wouldn’t switch as long as the package situation around suse doesn’t changes. But if there would be a second, large repository with something around 2.000 packages (like extras has) than I would think about it, and would maybe give it a try…

But there is still enough time, I think there will be some more clear information available when suse 10.0 is released. But if anyone of my imaginery readers knows something, just drop a note 🙂


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