Some things…

Called the iriver support today, they will send me an e-mail tomorrow if they are planing to release a new firmware with ums support. They said that they are releasing the mtp version because of so many users ask after it – can’t believe it, sounds more like what Microsoft thinks what the users should ask….

Something different: anyone out there who needs a gmail-account? I opened one to test around and uses it now mainly for things here in Sweden. So if someone wants to test it, just drop me a comment.

While talking about Sweden: does anyone knows something about Linux User Groups here? I asked nearly everyone and noone was able to tell me something about any kind of user groups, computer clubs or such things. A little bit confusing if you compare to the statistics which say that every fourth human beeing in Sweden has a computer…
But, I found a small page of a lug here in town, maybe they will answer my mail.

Btw., something about this homepage: I added a web statistics counter (see somewhere at the bottom) to count hits, check where you are from, read your thoughts and delete your brains and you can’t do anything against it!. So be careful! 😉


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