Badly Disappointed …

Today I bought an iriver T30 – my most music is in ogg-format and so there are not tooo much options what to buy.

I thought that I will get a nice 1 GB player with support for USB mass storage that I can easily use together with my linux system.
But it turned out that this player is only usable together with Microsofts MTP system – and that needs Windows Media Player 10 and this needs Windows XP.

So I am sitting now on something around 150 Euros of crap. 😦

I think that was the last time that I was enthusiastic about iriver. They are not just like the others, they are even worse.

The only hope I now have is that I can get a firmware update from somewhere which updates the player to a ums system. So I have to hope. I hate such things. They show that it is hard in these days to really have a choice which operating system you use. I cannot understand why only a few people realise what’s going on here, what Microsoft does and how their behaviour surpresses the free will to choose between different solutions, as everyone is used to in the most other parts of the live. But I think it is like in the normal life: you only have to be brazen-faced, and you can do what you want. And if you are a real big criminal, no one arrests you, but everyone is exalted about how successful you are. What a world…

Btw., this example shows that we are facing an upcomming world with more and more usage of the Media Transfer Protocol. I don’t know if it is even possible, but if, than we are in need for a implementation for Linux. :-/


One thought on “Badly Disappointed …”

  1. Guess what? I just had the exact same experience, but I got to do it for $79 (they discounted the units here in the US).

    I run Linux… and tried to do the firmware update using a Win2000 VMware virtual machine I keep on my laptop — no dice.

    I think you are on to something.
    The world needs to develop truly open alternatives. My guess is that as part of the license to use the WMA codec, they had to make the device be a WindowsXP device.

    Open solutions need to be developed.

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