kcontrol, digikam/kipi and flickr

The new kdesvn-build system works really fine, and the so build KDE looks much nicer than the “konstruct” one.

I looked around and found that kcontrol has been patched with a search tool:


When you use it, you actually use the standard search, it would be nicer to the just sorting out the unmatching icons than listing the menupoints:


But more interesting at least for me is the flickr plugin in kipi, which can be used digikam. It is already implemented:


If you start it, you are first confronted by a message which guides you to a flickr page where you can unlock flickr for the kipi-plugin. First the message by the kipi plugin:


Than the unlock-screen for flickr:


And there is the welcome message:


And if everything is ready it looks like this:


After that you can choose your photos, and press ok – but be prepared, the upload begins after clicking the ok button! That’s was a little bit surprising for me, because I thought I will get back and then can press a button like “upload choosen photos”.

It is a pity that flickr does not provide the possibility to check how much you have uploaded – the the lugin is only able to say “did it” or “still uploading”, nothing like “56 % done”. But, as I said, that’s not the fault of the kipi-people but the fault of flickr.

And, of course, all shown fotos here were uploaded with the new plugin 😉


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